I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

We've been working our butts of in anticipation of me getting the bank job!

We're cleaning house and going thru things that are stored so that we can have a garage sale. Mom and Jen have been cleaning and painting a little and emptying out closets. I have actually pared down my never-used CD collection by about 1/3. The others are ones that I really like and proooomise that I'll listen to. I may even, no, I will even let go of some of my books. I have some I haven't read or just don't want to keep any more. That's the theme of this move it seems: downsize.

Oh, and by the way, we've not heard anything back from the bank. Jen and mom: going nuts. Me: getting a little anxious. I just want to eat pizza.

Mom and I worked on the front lawn today and I hurt my back a little. So I showered and then came back to the big room. The last thing I remember was lying on the floor with Andy rolling around near me and then *crash*! I woke up with a note next to me that they went to HEB (grocery store) and that was it. It was a good therapeutic nap. I dreamed about a new open-front coke machine like they used to have back in the day (everything old is new again, ya know). A guy was with me trying to figure out how to scam the machine so I told him my dear old dad's trick - and I fully believe in dad having done this - take the top off the bottle and suck the soda out with a straw! Hahahahahahaha.


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Yes, we're a happy family!


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