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The end of analog broadcast TV, that is. Don't know what that means? Well, read up! It basically means that if you use one of those old timey TV antennas, you will be outta luck come February 19, 2009. That's only 574 days away!

My advice, don't rush out to buy a brand new TV now. In the like year and a half before then TVs will get better and go down in price. No worries. You don't really have to have a new TV anyway unless yours is 10 years old and doesn't have a digital tuner. How do you know if you're OK...well, I dunno. I guess you wait until Feb 19th and see what happens. :)


FO said... 10:25 PM  

Better idea: use your TV for movies only and don't buy a new tv. Just my personal view.

Kate said... 9:24 AM  

Thanks for the link! I wanted to pass along a site that I found with a series of helpful videos that can prepare you for the digital TV transition.

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