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It's a long story. :)

I don't recall if I ever mentioned that we finished Potter 7. It was awesome.

I was just dinking around at the library website and found the record for that book.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
by J.K. Rowling ; illustrations by Mary GrandPré.
New York : Arthur A. Levine Books, 2007
Currently 127 holds on first copy returned of 304 copies

How about that! 304 copies. I'm impressed.

But I'm reading this anyway...http://www.aboutcolonblank.com/

People here are boring. I just learned how to browse profiles and, checking San Antonio, found not much of interest. Oh well, maybe I'm one of them...

I'm still feeling puny from being sick. Maybe that's why I'm such a grump.

My friend showed me this weirrrrrrd music video...

Unrelated to that:
Been a busy week at work. Going crazy trying to get about 3000 students' account organized into their right places before orientation on the 18th. Also have been trying to get my two assistants to commit to more work so we can finish that. They won't firmly commit. "Well, maybe I can..." Come on dudes, you need the money!

Unrelated to that:
I haven't really been working on finding a new job. I'm still sad that I didn't get the one at that bank :( :( :(

However, I do have two firm references. The lady that first hired me as a student, and the guy that hired me from there on as full-time. Definitely good. My references will be more organized now. I just have to get one last one for sure.

Unrelated to that:
Oh gawdddd we're all sick. First Jen on Friday, then Andy, and me last night, and Brendan in the wee hours of this morning. I hate being sick. We had spaghetti last night and I saw the return of spaghetti much sooner than I expected to. Brendan came into the living room at 4am, where I was trying to distract myself with net, and said "I spit on the room. You cleanup?" Poor little chum. He slept on the couch and still is, his sleep interspersed with waking up to barf. Hopefully my barfing is over. I have been drinking tiny sips of water because I'm as thirsty as a dog in the desert, but even that makes my stomach hurt. I ache.

Unrelated to that:
We've been buying games for the Nintendo 64 on eBay for Bren. He likes them, and they're cheap. Jen got me Chrono Cross which is rated 10 on gamespot. It's a PS1 game, but I'm anxious to play it if I can ever finish the Diablo II expansion.

Unrelated to that:
Over the weekend, when we were all fairly well, we went to Jen's cousin's baby shower. It was nice. The cake was good. Costo, I think. We also both got to chat with her cousin Jamie with whose mom we're estranged. I like Jamie. She's an anime fan like me. The shower was at Alamo cafe, where 7 years ago we were married. Needless to say, it is one of our favorite places to eat. Oh, eating, my stomach hurts just thinking about that.

We use those dial-around long distance numbers. I just got an automated call from the one we're currently using thanking me for being a customer. I was wondering if they were still the cheapest and apparently they are.

10-10-987 - $1.33 for 20 minutes.
10-10-220 - $2.49 for 20 minutes.
10-10-345 - $3.30 for 20 minutes.


By the way, I didn't get that job. She sent me a letter. I've known for a week, I've just been too unhappy to write it down.

Back to the search, I guess...

I don't recall if I ever posted this wonderful collage that Jen made a few months ago, so here it is.

I just adore this!

Larger size is viewable in my Flickr box on the right.

...Jen, a projector, and two wii-motes!

Hahahahaha! What a good sport!

I eat an apple for dessert after lunch almost every day of the work week (except when I forget to bring one.) It's not that I particularly love apples all that much, it is just that they are convenient. No tools needed and only the core to throw away when I'm done. Not to mention that I don't get juice on my hands when I eat them like I would an orange for example. I can't stand getting my hands/face dirty when I am eating in public. At home its OK, but in public I use a ton of napkins.

Anyway, here's an article I just read that says I'm doing something good. By the way, my favorite is Pink Lady, with Fuji a close second. I hate soft, mushy apples.

Reading today: http://kerflop.com/ and http://offsprung.com/.

Going consulting in approximately 4 minutes. Yahoo! $$$!

Haven't looked at any galaxies lately, but the newsletter that came out from them today made me more excited about doing so. Check this out:

To date, unbelievably, 80,000 of you have viewed and classified more than 10 million images of galaxies. Our initial target of having each galaxy (there are a million in our initial sample from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey) viewed once is more than done, but we still need your help. Our NEW target is to have each and every galaxy classified by 20 separate users.

Ok, now I have to go login...

Man, there's a b-woman at work that I hate dealing with. She's always rude to me for no reason that I know of. It makes me feel 1 inch tall when she does this. The hag has only worked here a few months too. She should show more respect. Pah!

Ok, sanity can return now.

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