I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

I sure want one of these. I wonder if I could mount it on top of my house?

It produces about 100 Kilowatts per month. That would be cool.

I was just pondering how much I love my cable modem service. I remember back in our first apartment on Bandera road that I had dialup and that was all that was really available. ISDN was out there, but that was uber-expensive and for those people that really worked from home.

The dialup was so slow that I remember it taking 5 hours to download the Diablo I game demo. It was a whopping 50 meg. These days, from a good site, I can download that in under a minute. From 300 minutes down to one...that's a pretty good speed increase!

What got me thinking of this is that I'm setting up mom's new computer here at my house and Windows Media Player downloaded a 5 meg file for the URGE music store. I was thinking how long that little, worthless download would have taken on dialup.

♥ Happy 7th Anniversary, Jen! ♥

Can anyone believe that she's put up with me for this long? :)

I've never seen a commercial like this one for Diet Coke. Good work on the part of their ad agency!

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I've heard on several occasions that ZeFrank is awesome, but I've never watched him...

I have been watching HappySlip today, and I think that one is going to be a new favorite. Howw punny, Chistine ees!

I took several shots of this at the Univ where I work. I had to stitch them together to make one pic to post, which is why it looks kinda funny. I swear it is real though. This is just another demonstration of people's general lack of grasp of the English language...the good thing was that I told so many people about it, that all of these were down by the next day. We got lots of laughs from it though!

Hell yeah! What's the daily pay in the criminal profession? (Those of you who've played Sims 2 know what I'm talking about.)

I kilt Paint Shop Pro 7 doing the blur on my next entry. Woo hoo! I've never killed it before. Yessss!

Hmm, Gavin DeGraw's "I don't want to be" is on Sky.fm right now. Love that song. You may ask why I'm not listening to my old favorite XRMRadio. Well, for the last several weeks, they've played for 2 seconds, then buffered for 3. I can't stand that. Suppose I should subscribe so they can get better bandwidth...

The boys being good in the cart at HEB the other day.

A while back, Brendan and I took a walk on a nature trail behind a park we go to. Apparently few of the park users know it is there, but it was fun. Unfortunately the little grafitti punks have tagged most of the benches and tables, so I was a little sad about the state of the place, but we had a good time anyway. Here's Bren. Can you tell that I dressed him that day? i really like his camo outfit.

We recently took Bren for his 4 year checkup. We were pretty surprised that he talked a little to the doctor. He's getting a little better with people these days.

I expect Jen may have mentioned this, but he had his first eye test. The nuse asked him what each of several symbols was. His answers: ... the hand was a "pawprint" and the coffee cup symbol was "drinking" and the plus sign was an "X". He's so fun to listen to.

This is from a Turkey Hunting video game at my favorite Pizza buffet, Double Dave's.

I find the "pump before shooting" to be funny. Good advice is several situations, I think.

What I don't find amusing is that someone feels that KILLING is only mild violence. Granted, you're not going after the turkeys with a chainsaw, but still. Killing is killing, if you ask me.

Here's something you don't see every day...

I'll put one of these to counteract the mal ojos.

Here's a good picture. It has been a long time since I posted any of my phone pix, so I'm going to post a few...

Sleeping Andy

At Home Depot. We went for yellow flowers, as you can see, and found this cute little guy so we took him home. This is the only picture I can think of that's comparable to Brendan's "One Chair Long" pic.

Take pictures of your kids. Lots of them. You may think you'll remember the great moments and even the ordinary ones, but you won't. Even four years has greatly faded all the wonderful memories of Bren's babyhood. Pictures refresh the memory so very well...

I just saw a mildly amusing phrase - "like a fat kid on a skittle."

Normally, I don't appreciate fat jokes, but I had snicker at that one. And I can do that because I was a fat kid and I did eat more than my fair share of skittles. I have to say though, I always liked Peanut M&Ms more...

What? What? What's that sound? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, It's silence. Well, 95% of my sanity has returned. The other 5% may be forever lost here.

That's the kind of shit I've been listening to for 6 and a half hours. I actually like it at say a festival or something, but I do not like it at 100% volume coming over my back yard fence.

Gee, now what am I going to write about? Hehe.

(Actually I have lots of things to write about...maybe I will tomorrow.)

(Had Papa John's Pizza today. It was cheap pizza day there. $5.99 larges all you want to buy, but you had to order them and wait. They weren't "Not n Ready" like Little Sneezers. I went to the library for 20 minutes. Got Duran Duran boxed set. Yeah! [fingers in air with horns] )

If this were a concert, I'd certainly be getting my money's worth. But it ain't. It's a fucking annoyance! I am going to go insane here. That's how annoyed I am. I've probably only used F*ck about 6 times in my whole blog, that's how annoyed I am. Argh!!!!

It's been almost six hours SIX HOURS SiX HoUrS! since this noise started. It had better end in about 10 minutes or god damnit I'm calling the cops.

Yeah, right, what a schmuck I am. There's no way I'm calling the cops. Back when we lived on Bandera road, I called the cops for loud music on my piece of shit next door neighbor Raymond and after that the situation was much worse. Argh! Maybe I'll go to work, or just go in the front room again. I went out and mowed and string trimmed the front yard so I wouldn't be able to hear it and that was good for about and hour and a half, but now that's done.

Oh, I can't even write well, I'm so annoyed. I'm stopping.

Time check

Huh. My settings were Pacific Time UTC-8. Wonder how that got changed? Maybe when I upgraded to the new Blogger or something. Fixed now!

I just saw a commercial for Alka Seltzer that I thought was kinda good.

They apparently had some kind of a content to do a song and it showed the winner and the website plopplopfizzfizz.com.

It reminded me of one of Jen's stories. When she was a kid, she was sick once and went to the bathroom to take some Alka Seltzer. Apparently she was like 8 and didn't read labels. Wellllll, ya know how Alka Seltzer paks look a lot like denture cleaner paks? Oh yeah. Plop plop, fizz fizz...oh what a puke it is. Hahahahahaha.

Love you dear. Don't smack me.

Three point five hours later: AND. THE. MUSIC. IS. STILL. GOING.

I'm relegated to the front room with the tv on loud. I hate this.

At least MythBusters is on. Love me some Mythbusters. Especially Kari. :)

I checked out a CD of Tibetan Monk Chants from the library today. It's interesting.

If I was compiling a CD like that, you know what I'd name the album?

Phat Chants!


Ok, I feel a little bit better now. :p

Argh! My damn, stupid neighbors are having a party and playing fucking Tejano music loud enough to hear south of the border! Oh, I hate loud thumpitty-thump music. I just want to go out and [fill in nasty revenge of your choice here].

So, dear readers, is every city populated with morons that think it is OK to play music at the top volume for extended periods, or is it just my fair city? Please let me know, so I can 1) move or 2) commiserate.

We're addicted to Leekspin! This is just great! We humming it, singing it, and listening to it all the time. It is so much fun!!!!

In fact, we had it going in sync on two computers for a while. Stereo!

Oooh, Ooh, something interesting happens at 17 minutes. 35 seconds. That was a surprise. :)

We can't get enough of Leekspin.

I just opened it in 5 different windows. It's like a crowd of Loitumas. Hahahahaha. ROTFL.

Gee, I'm glad Friday the 13th is over. It was the most annoying and weird day at work. I had 3 of my Blackberry users call with off-the-wall problems, I had an unexplainable problem with slowness on our web-based email (but not on the desktop version) and I fought all afternoon just to get URL to be clickable in a "mail merge" email we were trying to send out. What an annoying day. Hopefully Monday will be better.

We have been having a good weekend though. We went to our friends Jorge and Cristina's little boy's 1st birthday party. It was windy as all get out, but we still had a good time at the little park where they had it. The we went to Altex to get a fan for Jen's web server. It's still acting up. Then we dropped by Half Price books and got some goodies: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD for $9.98, a Halo Novel for me (from the XBox game I love), and a neat book called The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts. That title in itself sounds like one J.K. would come up with. I can just hear Hermione saying "Oh, Ron, didn't you read chapter three in "The Magical Worlds..."! Haha.

We've been re-watching the HP movies and re-listening to the Audio books (well, #6 at least) in the run-up to the Order of the Phoenix movie and The Deathly Hallows book coming out this summer. We had to get back into the spirit.

Amazon is having this neat contest type thing where they show what cities have preordered the largest number of Potter 7 books. It's interesting to see.

We also hit the ole Walmart. That was an unremarkable trip except for one thing. Bren was sitting in the basket, and 3 girls and 3 guys walked by. The girls were in fancy dresses, one pink and very froofy, one black and slinky, and one green. Fortunately they were about 15 feet away, because Brendan SHOUTS "Wow! Look at the Beautifuls!!!" I don't think they heard. It was so cute! I told him they looked like princesses, didn't they?

So, no plans for today really. We need to plant Jen's tomato seedlings, I need to mow the yard, and maybe I'll get to play a little Diablo II. We'll see how it goes. For now, I need to pick up whining Andy...

Oh, one more thing: we're planning to make a list of places that we want to eat at. We always pass by interesting restaurants, and then forget about them. So here's entry one in the list. "Bento Box" on Blanco. It's Japanese take-out. Woo Hoo! But it was closed when we drove past. We will visit that one again.

Lately I've noticed that the computers in the house are having trouble syncing their time with time.windows.com. That's the Internet time server I had them setup to talk to, but for some reason it is not working now.

Using info from here, I've just changed the servers to "0.pool.ntp.org" (that's a zero at the front) and had immediate success.

To change the server, you double click on the time at the bottom right of your screen. If you can use Internet sync, you'll have an Internet Time tab. On that tab, click in the dropdown box and type in the server of your choice. Then hit apply and Update Now.


JenH.org is having Server Problems. Tech support (haha, I'm the tech support) says that they'll work on it in the morning.

It was making a weird grind-click noise that I hope is a fan.

She should be back online tomorrow if everything is OK.


[Update:] I've opened the machine and vacuumed out all the dust bunnies. It looks like it needs a new CPU fan, but the existing one should work for a little longer now that it is de-gunked. :)

[Update2:] Actually it wasn't the CPU fan, it was the power supply fan. The PS was overheating and powering off, then cooling down enough to come back on, then powering off again. I bought a replacement fan but it didn't work. I noticed that the wires on the new fan were backwards and rewired it. Viola, fixed!

I'm on vacation this week, which means I'm doin a whole lotta nothin'.

Whole lotta nothin' = surfing the net aimlessly, which brings me to the point (!) of this post.

Hehe, this is funny.

Fun Fact about Iran: Iran is a theocracy, so religious fanatics control the government - like Alabama, only without delicious pork BBQ.

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