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It's a long story. :)

At Rudy's BBQ tonite, they had a lovely red wall...

It drives me nuts when people use ect instead of etc. Get it right,

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The boys just started playing Wizard101. Andy was still watching the intro movie (remember, he's barely 4 yrs old) and his first question was: "So, how do you level up your pets?" Amazing!

We are definitely a family of gamers.

I'm sitting in the playroom at the community center while the kids take PE and Jen gabs with the other clucking chicken moms. I've read almost every word in the January 2010 issue of Wired that I got on clearance at Half-price books. This was one of the best issues I've ever read. It was all good and very intersting. There was an ad for Daemon by Daniel Suarez which I've requested from the library. I'm looking forward to reading it. Http://Thedaemon.com There was also an article about a Thorium reactor, which is a safer alternative than the standard uranium reactors e use now. There was a great article about how spectacular failures can lead to spectacular successes, and there was one about how air strikes in Afghanistan have been severely restricted. I like Wired; I may have to resubscribe. (Update: Found a coupon for $3.99 for a year. Yay!)

We took Kayley to her 2 month appointment today and she got a butt ton of shots, poor baby. She started smiling yesterday. Boys are doing well, physically. Andy has been being a real little devil lately and is making us mad at him 2-3 times a day. Gawd, I hope he grows out of that soon. Bren is doing great. He fed the baby yesterday for me and has been a really good boy lately. He's also started reading lately. He's devouring Pokemn manga from the library, and thank goodness because thy are about 7 bucks each! I hope that really springs him into reading.

We restarted the Atkins diet today with my staple of McDoubles without the bread. Last nite we went to bowl with Christopher and Charles after dinner at Cha-Cha's. Christopher had a coupon for 4 enchilada plates, 4 margaritas, and 4 sopapillas. I had shredded chicken enchiladas with a beefy sauce. I'm surprised at how wonderful that was. I usually have chickwn with green or cream sauce, but his was the bomb. The chips there are not very good, but I enjoyed everything else. We also found out abut a kids bowl free program, which I've signed us up for.

Today we are going to do major shopping: Sams, HEB, and Walmart. We need Atkins food. Haha. I've been working a lot on fixing things in Foursquare lately. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 friends on there. It seems like a lot of people enter duplicate venues and it is driving me nuts. I work a lot to combine those. I even combined one that made me lose a mayorship last nite. Boo hoo. But I have to fix things. I just found the admin interface last week that lets me actually complete the merge for dupes instead of just suggest.

Finally, since my time is almost up, I should talk about my job. About every 5 years, some flippin genius decides I need to be part of the helpdesk and that time has come. I'm being moved out from under my beloved boss and put in the HD again. There are a couple silver linings tho. The title is better: Senior Technician. Also, two of my coworkers just had their positions eliminated and are gone. So I'm happy to continue havng a job. But I'm going to be out of networking and servers and Microsoft Exchange. That makes me sooooo sad. I'm doing my best to not be despondent. I'll try to keep my chin up and give it a try. I'm not going to be doing any favors for the genius whose idea it was to move me though, I'll tell you that.

Porn BerryWHAT kind of berry is that? LOL.

Me: Bren, aren't our pink flowers pretty?
Bren: ehhhh ummm (like he's saying I don't care)
M: Well, what color flowers do you like then?
B: Ummm, I'm not really a flower fan, dad.

Hehe, flower fan...that's something I'd say. That's ma boy!

And I just saw an ad for an $89 color laser printer and asked jen if she wanted it. She said, "No, I don't need HD printing right now."

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First game in about 12 years, and I bowled a 113. Fun times.

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The naan (or is it pita) at our new favorite restaurant - Pasha.

Cool shirt! I can't wait to the "The Last Airbender"

Gotta get these shirts for the boys.

Just saw a redbox in Austin with games! This is new. They only had 6
and 2 were the stinky Lego Harry potter, but it is progress in the
right direction! 2 dollars per nite.

Sitting here on the front couch with 3 kids watching a Capitol 4th on
PBS. Kayley sleeping. Brendan genuinely watching the program with me.
Andy running back and forth between us and "Cake-a Mania 2". All good
on the western front.

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Bren said today "Hurricane, the evolved form of Thunderstorm"

Andy also tried to say Itadakimas the other day.

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