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I really enjoyed Order of the Phoenix. I can't remember the last time I went to a midnight show, but it was so worth it. We got there early, about 11:45 and were sent to the "third theater on your left" which was marked as the 12:15 show. I don't know why because our tickets were 11:59, but oh well. We got in and the theater wasn't packed, but it was filling. I think they had it on 3 or 4 screens.

It was fun listening to people. We sat in the front row, as always, and turned around to watch people and listen to banter. Some of em were calling trivia questions back and forth. Now, I consider myself to be quite the HP fan, and most of these things were so obscure that I didn't even know them. (Snape's street where his house is? Professor Sprout's first name?). After a while of this going on, some guy stands up (in jest) and yells "You guys are all nerds! There, I said it." And we all laughed. More waiting and watching people and chatter. Then at one point someone behind us said something about Hedwig, and Jen lifted up our beautiful stuffed version which she had brought along just for fun (I only wore my HP 4 Big Dogs Shirt (Harry Pawter and the Goblet of Fur)) . That same yeller from before said pretty loudly, "Hey your nerdiness has been trumped by the girl that brought the owl!!!" Jen and I had a good laugh at that one!

So finally the previews played, lots of good ones, and then the movie. I was really happy with the way it turned out. There weren't drastic changes from the book, which makes me happy. There were lots of things omitted - mostly small things, though. All in all, I think this was the best one since the first one. They did a great job on it. I say two thumbs up!

We got back to the car at 2:49 am and sped home to sleeping boys. Thanks to Mimi and Papa for letting us have a date night!!! :)


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