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It's a long story. :)

We're thinking about getting a new computer around tax return time. I'm so excited. While I've been using 1152 x 864 resolution at work for some time, we're stuck at 800 x 600 here at home. Ohhhhhhhhh, the screen is sooo big here. We have to scroll left and right to see many websites these days. I'm anxious. :)

Thanksgiving was fun. Went to the folks for a few days. I watched some videos on my iPod to keep me occupied, so that was cool. I finally figured out how to properly do the conversion of my home videos to iPod format. It isn't hard now that I know how to do it, but I had a bear of a time figuring out all the steps. Oh well. Hint: don't follow the directions given in the conversion program. They don't work. Hehe.

We bought bro Super Mario Galaxy for his birthday, and played it a little with him. It's a great game and lots of fun. Not tooooo hard, but hard enough not to be boring. Just my kind of game. I always get stuck in Mario games and never finish them (I've never finished one) so I was enjoying it a lot. The Wii control is great too.

I really, really miss games. I need a good RPG to play. Wahhhhhh. I have a couple that would be good, but why I haven't started them I don't know.

It's cool seeing someone you know on TV...I know the guy in the blue in the first spot. I've watched several of these commercials, and they are really good. I think this is a local production company. I got to their site via WindTricity.com - they're good guys because they use 100% wind power for their operations.

November 10th was a great day. I helped put on an Anime Convention. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life. Dave, Christopher, Aaron, Wil: thanks a million guys.

Brendan just bumped my butt with his head and I said "Thanks for that klunk."

He said "I'm not a klink, I'm a boop!"


I have known that I needed to write this down, but I've been so busy lately...

I went to Oni-Con 2007, apparently the 4th one, and had a BLAST! It was so much fun. Me, my friend Christopher, and JoseLuis and Jennifer all stayed together. We only went to Saturday, but we had a really good time. We went thru the dealers room about 4 times, watched some AMVs, took a ton of pics of people in costume, played some video games, and just generally enjoyed ourselves. I didn't go to any of the panels, but they did. I have learned since that I missed a major important thing by not going to any panels, but I'll do that next time I guess.

Their site says they have over 4,000 attendees. I'm so happy about that.

We also ate at Tan Tan Restaurant. It was an awesome place. Over 300 dishes, and I want to try so many more of them. I had Shredded Pork over crushed rice. It was tasty, but I wish I'd had some of the Pan Fried Noodles. Christopher had Chargrilled Pork and Egg Cake with Crushed Rice. The egg cake was awesome. He let me taste a little. I can't wait to take Jen there.

After that, we went to Hong Kong City Mall. It was great. It has inside of it the biggest Asian market I've ever seen. I spent a lot there. :)

We also shopped at where I bought a copy of Saigon Top Hits 28 from the $1.99 bin. It is really good!!!! I want to get more volumes!

I found this handy little tip today when I had to send CTRL+ALT+DELETE to a remote desktop session (which always ends up being processed by the local machine and not the remote one). The keystroke is CTRL+ALT+END. Handy to know and remember!

This is a fun video to watch...

but dude needs to spend less time tinkering with gadgets and more time paying attention in English class.

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