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It's a long story. :)

We're finally back from getting Harry Potter book 7. Yay! I'm so excited.

When we entered #6 Bookstore Drive, oh, I mean Barnes & Noble, we were sorted by a nice lady with a hat and directed to a table to get our reserve ticket. We got there about 10:45, so we got a relatively late pickup ticket, but I figured they had PLENTY of copies and wasn't too worried. We checked in, and thanks to Jen, were on the list of pre-reserves.


We went on in and strolled around a bit before getting our photy-graph taken.

World's Worst Picture

Most assuredly one of the worlds worst photographs of all time, but I can laugh about it. Where's Brendan? Oh, cowering in the vicinity of Jen's ankles. Little rat!

Then we made our way to the Children's area where we knew there were some benches to sit on. We pretty much just sat there and did nothing until time. Bren and I made a circuit of the store once just to see who we could see, and I picked this up. There were a few really good costumes, but I didn't take any pics of them.

The Harry Potter 7 Handout

Here's a pic of Brendan clowning.

Brendan at Potter Night

And one of Andy.

Andy at Potter Night

We chatted with some nice folks while we were sitting. Andy went to one lady and got bounced on her knee for a while, so that was cool. Bren kind of hovered on the edge of a small group of kids, but didn't really interact.

We also had a nice chat with a lady and her 11-year-old-maybe daughter. The daughter Katelyn was a big fan, and we had a good time talking to her. Her brother Andrew was in line and I talked to him briefly later, only to introduce our Andy to him. He was happy and tweaked little Andy's cheek. :)

When it was time, we got in line, and I have to compliment Flourish and...oh I mean Barnes & Noble: they had line directors, and people always telling you where to go. The checkout was prompt and organized, then out we went to the car with book in hand!

Earlier in the evening we had made a tough choice: JKR was reading the first chapter online from London and we decided who better to hear it from than her. So, we'd heard the entire first chapter before we got the book and just started with chapter 2. Here she is at the reading. I've been looking for a copy of that video, but it is only on Scholastic's website as far as I can tell.

J.K. Rowling with Book 7

Thank you JKR. We love your work.


I like that they let you know on the receipt what a member would have saved.

Dang! They say membership has its privileges, but I guess I'm missing out...

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