I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

I'm so bad at checking my email(s). My Yahoo has 840 unread messages. Hope none of em are important. Yeah, right. Like any one ever emails me wanting to give me something. {RANT}Anyone legit, I mean - this doesn't include the free iPods, mature moms, virgins, free laptops, mortgage quotes, etc, etc, etc, etc and all the other Sh*t email that I get. I hate you freakin spammers. I hope that you rot in the eighth circle of hell for all eternity! Curse your eyes. May your computers get viruses and you have a most terrible gout! { / RANT}

Well, we've received out tax refund, so we've been buying a few things. Today, we got a little light bulb for the side of the house and an electric lawn edger. Most importantly, I got a Strawberry CheeseQuake Blizzard!!! Yummy. I could eat one of those every day.

Yesterday we bought a power washer to clean the driveway and siding on the house, plus a few other things. We found a plastic tricycle for Bren. Hmmm, I think I wrote this already, because I was just thinking how I already said that I wished I would have found a metal one like I had when I was a kid. Heh.

Work today was work. I built 70 prospect email accounts. This is only the second run of those. The first was 672. This time I printed them all on a fast printer. I want one! So instead of taking my assistant Daisy like all day to print them, they were done in about 5 minutes. It was great.

Also, we signed up for supervisor training on how to use the electronic time keeping system. I'll know how to take care of my single employee's time before I even know how to properly clock in and out myself! Pffffhhttt! What kind of logic is that? Oh, well, I'm still very excited about this. I'll be able to get direct deposit back like I've had for the last seven years (before I went hourly, that is)(which happened in Dec 04).

That's all for now. Wish I had another Strawberry Cheesecake blizzard. Poof! Wow! Thanks!

Just thought I'd do a quick post from work. I'm bringing up the e-commerce/e-payment servers today and maybe buying a certificate from Verisign. Also, building more prospect emails. Lots of fun. Nice day out. Chilly but sunny.

Sunday was a good day. I got up early, well, not really early - 9:30ish - and played a little Halo 2 on neXBC. I like that a lot. It's basically a free Xbox Live for people that have plenty of computers but don't want to pay for Live. You don't' have to do it this way, but I have a crossover cable from my Xbox to a PC, and that PC has a wireless card in it. The neXBC and winPcap capture packets from the Xbox and reroute them to the internet - thus turning the internet into a big honkin' lan, at least as far as my Xbox knows. I played Team slayer with like 12 others, but one person on my own team kept killing me. Dumba**! Then we played Team King, which is a team variant of king of the hill. That was awesome!!!!

Then Bren woke up. I played a bit more with him in my lap, but that was impractical. Hehe. So, we bailed and watched bugs bunny and woody woodpecker and Tom n Jerry. It was fun. My all time favorite bugs bunny is called "The Rabbit of Seville". We ate some good cinnamon roll cereal and Bren had a sippy of milk.

Jen got up and we did nothing for a while. Then we went outside and did mondo yard work in the front. We took up lots of square stepping stones and rocks so that we can make a nice flower bed in front of the house. I weed eat-ed and swept and dug and all kinds of things. It was good exercise. Then we went to meet our friend Dobie. We gave him a $50 gift card for HEB since he's a (literally) starving artist and we just got our tax refund (thanks Bren - ching-ching) plus we took him out to dinner at Chacho's. We all four shared the King Kong nachos. Delish!

After we parted ways with him, we went to Lowe's for a light, but they were closed- dern! Then we went to the Big Wal-Mart and bought a power washer, Bren a plastic tricycle (I wish we could have found him a real metal one like I had when I was little), and a variety of other things. I got three of those new corkscrew fluorescent light bulbs. Jen bought a bubble blowing machine. We bought a garden hoe for $3. Cheapest hoe I've ever had. Hehe.

I couldn't resist trying something new in bed tonight - posting to my blog! I actually already wrote this once and accidentally pressed ''refresh" and lost it all. So , I'm doing it again. Anyway, my nifty little Dell Axim has a Linksys wiresless b network card in it that lets me get on the house wireless, which is G, from the bedroom. It's neat! I'd like to write more but it's so cumbersome that I think I'll stop. Night!

Fire Mountain was OK. Lots of differnt things to eat there, but nothing unusual. Fried fish and shrimp were good. Waiter was annoying but nice. I hate it when waiters call me buddy.

After, we went to pick up groceries. They say that you buy less when you aren't hungry. Amen!

We've been playing Dungeons & Dragons Heroes pretty much all afternoon. I like it. Though gamespot only rated it 6.6 fair, it's a lot of fun. Now we're getting ready to go eat at Fire Mountain, a Golden Corral style (I think) buffet. It's cold and rainy.

Blogger is going to put a limit on me! I've re-published so many times this morning that they are probably going to get annoyed at me. hehe. Post and post and post and post...whew I'm getting tired!

Well, the box looks good around an actual photo, but bad around a smilie. Guess I'll just have to live with it unless I want to dink around with the CSS in the template, which I don't right now. Things like that bug me, so if you wonder what the hell I'm talking about since you don't see a border around either of the graphics, you know I got fed up and fixed it.

Despite my efforts, I can't get rid of that box around the smilie. Wonder why?

Let's see if this pic gets a box.

Us meeting Alton Brown, our Food Network idol.

I write about the most worthless crap, don't I? But at least I try to make it funny! I like smilies; smilies are good.

I was just remembering a site where you can click a button and supposedly some entity out there will make a donation just because you clicked. Sounds like a scam, but I do it anyway. http://www.thehungersite.com I actually like http://www.therainforestsite.com better. I think that the http://www.thebreastcancersite.com is good too. I'm a strong supporter of the breast cancer site - free mammograms available in my garage. Just kidding, Jen.

I just had a phone conversation with a lady about CiCi's pizza. Here's how it went:

DarrellH: Hello
FemaleCaller: Ees dis CiCi's pizza?
DH: (this is my standard spiel) No, I'm afraid they went out of business, but there's another one over on Culebra at 1604.

(I have to interject here that people are all alike. Everyone hears the "out of business" and they are so shocked that they don't hear the "there's another one". So for the rest of the conversation they assume that ALL CiCi's pizzas are out of business. I should find something better to say.)

FC: They went out of business?
DH: Yeah, and we got their number afterwards.
FC: Oh my gootness.
DH: Yeah, it's a good number, but it's kind of odd.
FC: You mus geet a lot of phone callsss.
DH: Haha, yeah, but I also have a lot of interesting conversations with people.
FC: Hmm, I liked the CiCi's on Blanco road.
DH: Yeah, I think I ate there once. It's nice.
FC: Do you know why they all went out of business?
DH: No, maybe this one was just a bad location or something. The Culebra one is still open and all the rest are too.
FC: Oh, the rest are open?
DH: Yeah, and the Culebra one is nice. It's right by the big Wal-Mart.

(interjection #2: isn't everything near the freakin big wal-mart these days?)

FC: Ok, thanks.
DH: All right, you have a good day.
FC: Jou too.

I really get a kick out of talking to people on the phone. The ones that bother to talk are pretty nice. Many just hang up.Some are morons, and those people I kind of jerk their chains a little, but most are amusing.

On another phone topic, we get calls for the Hyatt and a totally different, non-CiCi's, pizza place. I guess we're the tastes-like-chicken of phone numbers. If they can't get it right, they end up with us. We're the default phone number of the world. You just dial random digits in India and you get us. "Ehllo, sir, is tis tah CiCi's pizza on Tonjab Roadh?" "Yes, and the special of the day is Hamburger pizza." -He says, offending the entire population of India in one blog post. Hahahahahahahahahahah.

Gee, I sure am posting a lot. I keep thinking of things that I want to write. I guess being new to blogging is like having a new girlfriend...you just want to...post and post and post. :)

I'm the type of person who will write things in places that I might find them in a year or two knowing that I'll have forgotten that I did it by then and that I will get a kick out of it. This blog is like that. In several years, I will read this again and either laugh or think of what a dope I was. An example of the above: There's a certain password that I can never remember, so I made a note on my work computer about it, and in the note I wrote "I can't believe you forgot it again!" and every time I do forget it again and go to look it up, I have a laugh.

What I really came here to say was that my favorite birds are back in town, birds are back in town. I'm told they're Mourning Doves, but I'm not sure that's right. What I hear when everything is quiet in the morning doesn't quite sound like the recording that Cornell has. I'll have to investigate further.

Just had one of those itty bitty cereal-already-in-a-bowl-just-pour-in-milk servings of Berry Berry Kix (yum). I could eat like 6 of those, they're so small.

(I have copied all the entries so far including this one from my myspace.com blog. My friend Amanda (a most awesome gal) told me about that so I tried it. It was OK, but I like it better here at blogger.)

Though there are things I like about this myspace blog, I don't like how hard it is for me to give the address to people. So, sigh, I'm leaving. I just setup a new blog at blogger. I hope that I'm happier there. I wanted to use my own install of movable type (an awesome blogging software), which is already up and running on a server in the house (I have 4 computers in the house by the way), but unless I pay $69.95, I can't have a second author. Since the wife is blogging on there, and I don't want to shell out $69.95 - I found a free solution.

Went to the Anime Club meeting that I attend this afternoon. We watched eps 4-6 of Outlaw Star. I'm not a big fan of what I call "space cowboy" anime, but I'm really liking this one. I might pick it up someday.

I love Cardcaptor Sakura. That's my favorite series. I like Ranma, Tenchi, and almost any comedy anime too. Bed time. Night night.

Biggest rain and lightning storm I've seen in a long time last night. Elec was out from 2:15 to 3:15 or so. Ehhh, I just set the alarm on my phone and went back to sleep. It was cool with everything off. Silent and dark but for the lightning flashing. Just think of all the $$$ I saved by not running things. haha. The house across the street had a car with an alarm that kept going off and flashing the car's lights. That was funny.

This is my post of URLs that I have read, want to read, or don't want to forget.


[Rats! Is dead! Feb 06]

I thought, just in case that there are some other people reading this, that I'd describe who people are. As I mention new people in posts, I'll try to remember to list them here and give a brief description of who they are.

Jen: Wife and love of my life. She has her own blog, which is one of my links on my main page.

Brendan (Bren): Our little boy (at least at the time of this writing). Born March 20, 2003 - 03/20/03. I was hoping for 03/03/03 but he wanted to wait until after the ides of March apparently.

Dobie: A starving artist of our acquaintance. We met him years ago when we lived on Bandera Road. He had the giant apartment across from us. A nice guy with a lot of talent for painting flowers. Maybe I'll put up an example of his work sometime. Since this writing he has come into some money and it hasn't changed him. Who else can say that?

Roomies: The unnamed family of 4 who live with us since we can't afford to live alone in our house. We were able to stand them for a year and that was it. After threatening numerous time to move out because they coulnd't stand us, the finally did on May 15, 05.

James and Michelle: Formerly the Co-presidents or President and Vice-President depending upon when you ask them, of the anime club that I sponsor at work. They're also BF & GF and thinking about getting married someday. They're super nice. Michelle has a page.

Coll, Donna, & Bailey: He's a friend of mine from a place I used to work, she's his wife who also worked there, but they weren't married at the time, and she's their little daughter.

I've been trying to start this for like 3 days now. I am just making notes for myself, because I've found in my "old" age that I can't remember how long ago things happened. It's nice to have a little boy now because I can always say to myself, "Self, did this happen before or after Brendan was born?" I think a lot of parents judge things in terms of when the kids were born. Hehe.

Last weekend Feb 20, 05 we planted our first tomatoes for this year. Little ones for Jen. She likes them. Also bell peppers and cucumber seeds.

Also, yesterday was the one perfect day of the year. It was cool and kind of windy. I love that kind of day. just being outside makes me feel good. It's the kind of day you wish you could go out and sit under a big tree and do nothing. I didn't go to work because Bren had kept us up a lot of the night and I was wiped out. I live for the one perfect day of the year.

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