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It's a long story. :)

I really miss the ITEC computer expo they used to have here in San Antonio. Maybe some day I can go to one of the ones elsewhere. What I really want to do it go to another Interop. That was awesome!!!

We just finished watching the State of the Union address. We missed it last year, and I was mad, but we caught it this year.

President Bush delivers the final State of the Union address of his presidency
to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, January 28, 2008.

I was surprised at the number of finger-shaking admonishments that he gave to the congress. I was particularly amused when he said "I'm pleased to report that the IRS accepts checks and money orders." :) That was in response to Bill Clinton's recent statements about the fact that he should pay more taxes since he (Bill) was rich.


Bren: Can you put Pickle on my compeder?
Me: Yeah, I think so.
Bren: Ok so mom can have Pickle over here [points to her computer] and (conspiratorially) I can have pickle over here! [smiles big]

We really like Peggle. He just can't say it.

Who the hell has ever heard of a Guido? Not me. Stupid punk kids.

This is cool. Just the other night (the 20th) Andy figured out (I think) that he could communicate really. He makes conversation sort of now. He sings little ditties. He jabbers a lot. He tickles Brendan and then wrestle. It is really a surprise to me how it seemed like a "switch" flipping with Andy. One day he was whiney butt annoying as heck, and the next day it was like he realized that whining was only causing us to get mad at him. It was cool. I had to write down when it happened.

Bren has such an interesting laguage: it's not always english.

He just called her Dora Exporla...instead of Dora Explorer. Hehe.

I really like HDR Photos. I have to learn how to do this some day...

Hard Drive Dominoes

Brendan calls this "an amazing race!"

The finale should have been better, but it was fun to watch anyway.

Brendan and I were just playing Mario Kart on our good ole Nintendo 64. He has special names for the characters we were racing with - Mahio and Boozer. ROTFL. :)

I'm sick today. I slept about 11 hours last night after napping for 4 yesterday afternoon. The weather is grey here today. I need to play more video games to recuperate. And eat brownies. And cereal. Not at the same time.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!!

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