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It's a long story. :)

I swear this has been the busiest December of my life. It all started on the 1st, with my work Christmas party, which I was on the planning committee for. Then, on the 4th, a big conversion from my old junk mail filtering software to a newer better version. In the intervening weeks, there were a number of meetings, consulting jobs, shopping trips, putting up the Christmas lights, frantically working on mom's website, baking an ass-ton of Sugar cookies from scratch, etc. Hmm, maybe one shouldn't say ass-ton and scratch in the same sentence. (^_^) Oh well. This week has been whirlwind too getting ready for Christmas. We've been working hard this evening to polish off the perishable holiday goodies we've made or been given too. I know, such hard work, but someone has to do it. (!!!)

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, not only because I've asked Santy Claus for a new digital camera, but because Brendan is really going to enjoy it and it is going to be Andy's first Christmas.

I'm also really happy because I learned today that my friend Coll and his wife are adopting a 2-year-old Russian boy. This is just wonderful. I'm so happy for them. I belive, from his cryptic emails, that they are in Russia right now meeting him.

This is truly going to be a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers. Rutherford, F.D.McKrakken, Margo, Silver, FO's wife, FD's pal Don, all our pals Mark, Double-A, and Daisy.

For next year's Christmas display, I have to check this out: LightScape. Somehow I will manage to do computer-controlled lights next year like this guy. He rocks.

Today I installed Windows Vista on my computer at work.

The first thing I did was update my video driver so it would look prettier. Then I played with all the screen savers. Haha. What a nerd!

It looks soooo cool. I love it!

Mom just told me this on chat. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that my family is visiting my folks this week.

"We all had a great laugh last nite. Brendan came running in here and said the cat buzzed at me, we laughed and laughed. He meant hissed, because HE STEPPED ON HER TAIL!"

Poor cat! Poor Bren! Hahahahah!

A friend has sent you the Philly Speak Translator Game! Just translate the Philly phrases for your chance to win free burgers for a month. Click here to play.

And for the authentic taste of Philly any time, cruise over to Carl's Jr. and try the new Philly Cheesesteak Burger. It's got real Philly Cheesesteak piled high on top of a delicious Carl's Jr. Burger. Two tastes you love in one amazing sandwich with the true taste of Philadelphia.

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Just taking a break from website work.

Pizza was yummy! I had my two faves - Ham Pineapple and Sausage Black Olive.

I'm trying to figure out if this "TheCuteKid" is a scam. Anyone know?

Ok, back to the salt mine.

(Hey, that last post was number 888. Cool! I have this thing about sequential numbers...)

Been a busy week. No time for Blogging, unfortunately.

Mon: Helping Dobie pack to move
Tue: Helping Dobie pack to move
Wed: Putting up Christmas lights with Dobie's help
Thu: Baking an ass-ton of cookies
Fri: Anime Club meeting
Sat: Consulting and working on mom's website
Sun: Go pick up the family from my folks

Now it has to be said that Mon & Tue didn't exactly go as stated. Dobie decided both nights he didn't feel like packing, so we went out to eat and fooled around. It was fun, but I knew that I had other things that I needed to be doing, so I was a little anxious. I got free meals though.

Wed, we watched the "Whitehouse Christmas" program that I wanted to watch, and then he was going to help me put up more Christmas lights. Wellllll, he stayed on the couch while I did my work and about 30 minutes before I quit, he came out to give me moral support. But touch a light, he did not. Oh well, then we went out for a Whataburger. No complaints; another free meal. I am very happy with my Christmas Lights so far, but I'm only 2/3 done.

Thu was fun, but trying. I decided to bake sugar cookies from scratch using AB's recipe. When I was ready to start, I found that I had no parchment nor foil that I could find to bake on. So I ran to the store. Finally when everything was in order, it took a lot longer that I expected. I made 3 batches of this dough and really had a good time doing that and listening to Christmas music on Pandora. It was 2 cookies for the tray, 1 for Darrell, 2 cookies for the tray...hehe. By batch two, I'd had enough freakin cookies. They were good though. Next time, I need to experiment with more flavorings. The taste was subtle, which is to say a bit bland. I finished that at 1:30am. Note to self: it takes a damn long time to make cookies from scratch. See?

Fri: Anime Club meeting went great. Cookies were all eaten. We watched Love Hina Christmas special and something called Excel Saga. Excel Saga was so freakin confusing, but very funny. It had many self references in it. I think that series was made by someone on crack. I want to watch more of it. :p

Sat: Had consulting this morning, and this afternoon I'm planning for a marathon to try and finish mom's website. But first, I have pizza on order and just have to go get it. Yum! Hot pizza on a cold day. What could be better?

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