I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

I just started reading EnglishFAILblog. Its great. Reminds me of Engrish.com

I'm going to leave to go get Jen and the boys in Waco tomorrow morning and I'll be taking photos with my new iPhone along the way and Geotagging them, so take a look at my Flickr box to see what I see! ------- >

My first iPhone photo!!!

I got my iPhone 3G today. Woo Hoo x 2!

Thing I love about it:
iTunes Remote
Speakerphone able to play music off the iPod portion
Pandora Radio on iPhone
Free apps out the kazoo
Google maps integrated with GPS

Not so hot on:
face grease

But I really, really love it. Steve Jobs, you are awesome.

I was watching Kent Couch's recent flight on his site and an ad on there took me to Spot, which is a really neat little satellite survival/rescue gadget. They have good videos of how it works. I expected it would be like $995 or something but it's only $169. You have to pay for "service" as with a cell phone, but it isn't too bad. It's not cellular based though. It's satellite. Woot for satellite!

Well, that last one was my 1200th post. I've really slowed down my blogging lately. I don't really have a reason, but I just haven't been devoting time lately. I haven't been checking email or myspace much either. I have however been doing Wii Fit, and I've lost something like 20 pounds. That's cool. We're on a low carb diet right now, and it is also working quite well. I'm beginning to hate cheese however. :)

I'm playing a ton of Mabinogi while the family is out of town visiting my parents. Woot!

My mom and dad are buying me a terabyte hard drive for my birthday. That's 1000 Gigabytes. What great parents!

It's on its was from Newegg as we speak. I still can't believe storage has gotten so cheap. My first 1 GB drive was $317 and man was that a lot of storage!!!

I love this....freaking awesome!

The wedding song is annoying, but the rest is great.

I'm listening to (actually just finished today) Exile by RA Salvatore.

I really like the Drizzt books, but this reader's pronunciations are so different from mine that it is kind of annoying. I'm going to take a short break before the third one, though, b/c I think there's a new Secret World Chronicle out that I need to listen to.

Jen and I are palying Mabinogi lately. Lots of fun. I bought her a pet, but she hasn't picked it out yet.

Here are snapshots of me. I like all the different colored clothes. ^_-

#1 is what I'm currently wearing. Jen has the same armor and we match. Kawaii!!!!!

Jen and I are also reading The Golden Compass together before we see the movie. You can figure out what your Daemon looks like at their site like I did.

I just got one of the more amusing wrong-number phone calls that I've had.

Ring, Ring.

VanGo: Uh, do ya'll carry painter's pants?
Me: Well, you've called a house, so I think that'd be a no.
VanGo: Oh, hehe. *Click.*

I WISH I would have thought to say "No, I wear them" but I didn't. Oh well. Delayed humor. Hehe.

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