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Happy Friday the 13th!

Check this out: Urban Prankster

I'm listening to Shinedown right now. Damn good band. Where'd they come from? I hadn't really heard of them. Also enjoying some old stuff - the Ventures. When I was a kid, my folks had a 78 vinyl that I listened to over and over... :)

Well, it's bachelor week for me. Had pizza tonite, did laundry, and studied for my next MCSE test. Only a new more tests and I'm re-certified. After that, it's on to the new cert called MCITP. "Hi, I'd like a McITP and a large fry, please." I go really sleepy at about 8:30 and just went to bed. Woke up again at 1:20 and now I'm up for a while. I'm dying of thirst for some reason. Maybe the Italian Sausage was overly salty. BRB...need watta.

Ahhhh, now I'm all set. I have a lovely water from Canada, eh, and a nice bowl of cherries. Cherries were on sale at our local Sun Harvest. I love cherries. They're so much fun to eat.

Tomorrow is going to be busy but fun. I'm attending a dinner honoring my good friend and the former president of OLLU Sr Elizabeth Anne Sueltenfuss. She was president for 18 years I think. She's really a great woman. Then, I'm headed to Sam's Burger joint to see Budo Grape. Jose Luis saw them at A-kon this past weekend and really enjoyed them. They have music on their MySpace.

Well, I think I'll play some Mario Kart and then hit the sack again. More later.

I love photos with funny people in the background. Like this smiley cat behind Barack Obama...

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