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I am always getting confused about whether to use it's or its. Even though this was trained into me in college, I'm beginning to be unsure of myself at times. So, I had to go look it up and I'm going to remember it this time.

From The Word Detective

Strictly speaking, in modern usage the possessive form of the pronoun "it" is, as you note, "its." The formation "it's" is a contraction, standing for "it is" (or "it has"). Thus we might say "It's (it is) a nice day for sailing, but my boat has lost its (the boat's) rudder." The difference between the two forms is clear, but evidently curiously difficult for many people to remember.

What that means is that all I have to remember is that it's is a contraction. The rest will follow logically. Whew!


It's = It Is



FO said... 4:56 PM  

I before e except after c and in "ay" such as neighbor and weigh.

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