I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

Lotsa people are shopping today. I'm not.

Wow! I've had a Hotmail account for over 10 years. I was just checking it today (which I do rarely since I get sooooo much spam there) and saw this: Registered since: July 16, 1996.

I have been working some more on mom's website. The stupid hosting company, 1and1.com, had a problem with the server we were on and had to restore from a backup. I'm glad they had a backup, but it must have been a week old, because a lot of my work is gone. I had a local backup copy though...

I'm going to watch "The Lakehouse" tonight. Jen and her mom watched it last night and say it was good.

Jen's mom and her husband have departed. They're early birds, so they left at 8:12 am. I'll really miss them. It was nice having company for a while.


I'm with you! I can think of a thousand reasons NOT to shop today.

FO said... 5:37 PM  

Darrell, text me your email address so I can invite you to my blogger beta site.

Didn't shop either, though I went to the mall to the movie theater. Was freakin' crowded!

I don't think I even knew how to email 10 years ago. How sad it that?

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