I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

OK, rested...

* Brendan's sense of humor continues to develop at a very amusing rate. Tonight I was in the hallway talking to Jen who was sitting on the bed breastfeeding Andy (WTG Jen, almost 5 months of gloriously free baby food). I just started walking toward the kitchen when Brendan bolts around the corner and we both jump and scream like little giiirrrrls! Then we both laugh hysterically at each other and he says, "I scare you!" and I say "And I scared you!" and then we each say "Sorry!" and laugh and hug. It was great.

* Andy is smiling and laughing a lot these days. He loves being held and looking at that other baby that sometimes appears on certain parts of the walls, aka mirrors. When he sees himself in the mirror, his eyes widen and he touches the mirror trying to feel that other baby. It is so cute. He smiles at anything and thinks the world's best comedian is Brendan. Anything Brendan does is hilarious to Andy. I was carrying him in Sun Harvest and he just laughed and laughed at Bren playing in the aisles. Kids are great. Have some. Andy also plays under his little gym by himself for a good long time now, giving mom a break.

* We want a Nintendo Wii really bad. It looks like so much fun!!! They're not cheap on eBay, and not in stock anywhere else. Doh! Not that we're seriously considering spending that kind of money. We don't have it to waste on gaming.

* Conversely, I've had an ass-ton of consulting since we came back from Christmas. All but one of my big consulting clients has called me since Jan 2. I've been working every night practically, and made some good money to help pay bills. I even was given a junk computer that I might be able to use for parts. That was cool.

* I met Brad Badger and his wife and cuuuutttte little girl lately at someone's house. This guy is a giant and his wife is a pretty, petite gal; to see the two of them together is really amusing as he's sooo big and she's so not. Despite probably being able to pop this nerds head off with two fingers, his handshake was gentle but firm. Nice guy.

* Brendan continues to enjoy his Nintendo DS black, but he doesn't enjoy multiplayer very much in Mario Kart DS. It's always "wait for me, wait for me." I guess I should rephrase that. He enjoy it when he's ahead of me, so I usually don't try to win anymore. Rather, I try to crash him or hit him with Koopa Shells. Sometimes he just laughs, but other times it pisses him off. Just depends on the day. hehe.

* About 2/3 of the Christmas lights are down, thanks to Jen. I still have to take the ones off the edge of the house.

* We found some copper sheeting while cleaning the garage and sold it at the recycle place today. Made $27.30 thanks to the previous owner of the house leaving that for us. I also found out they buy Ethernet cable for about 60 cents a pound. Nice!

* Have to talk at an Orientation tomorrow morning, so I think I'd better get to bed (I'm writing this at 11:38, but changing the post time to make it readable in relation to the one above...)


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