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It's a long story. :)

I was reading Ash_B's blog today and found something so outrageously great, so interesting, and so me-like that I couldn't believe it:

When I was playing Final Fantasy X I learned to read and write in Al Bhed, partially so I wouldn’t have to waste my time looking for the dictionaries in the game, but also just for fun.

That's truly great. Al Bhed is the language of the future. Hehe. At least for Final Fantasy fans like me.

I don't know why I write down stuff like this that won't be of any importance to me in five years. I should be writing down all the great, cool, and interesting stuff that the kids are doing. That's the next post since Jen is sitting beside me playing "The Sims Complete Collection" which was given to use for Christmas.


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Yes, we're a happy family!


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