I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

I need to record some important stuff, but my inner author is still on Christmas Vacation apparently, so here it comes in more or less list form. I'll be annoyed at myself later, but this is better than forgetting it. And I know I will if I don't write it down.

* We were at Sun Harvest (natural food store) yesterday and Jen was admiring the flavored coffee beans that you buy in bulk and grind there (or at home I guess if you go for that kind of thing). Brendan went down the row ahead of us a bit, and opened and bin, glanced at me, took out one bean, glanced very slyly at me (as if to say "ya gonna stop me?") and smiled. I knew what he was about to do, and we've advised him not to do this many times, so instead of being the good father I really am 99.5% of the time, I said "Go ahead...". He snickers, and pops it in his mouth. Chomp, chomp, chomp...and then it hits him that this chocolate candy doesn't taste as nice as it smells. Then it hits him that he really doesn't want to have it in his mouth any more and he sticks out his tongue and makes a dirty face and kind of starts the cough-cough I'm gonna puke thing. Oh shit, I think to myself, and just go for it. I wipe my hand across his tongue to get the nice coffee grounds out, and then do that again, and then get a wipey. Normally I would not recommend that anyone wash their kid's tongue with a wipey, but in this case, I think he preferred the taste over coffee grounds. :) The Jen pulled out the emergency bottle of water that we always carry in case we have to feed Andy a bottle and let Bren drink some of it. What a good mother. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I was laughing my ass off through most of this, but it was that funeral laugh where you try unsuccessfully to keep it quiet and it usually burst out and ends up being worse than if you'd just gotten it over with normally. Anyway, it was that kind of laugh. So after it was all over we both knelt down and reminder Brendan gently to ask mommy and daddy before eating anything that we didn't give him. It worked until later when he snitched a choco covered raisin (or something that looked like one) off the tray below the bulk foods and ate it. Fortunately it was a candy that time, but I reminded him again about the "yucky chocolate" he had before, and he didn't act up again while we were in the store. Man that was funny. Don't tell Child Protective Services.

* That was a damn long bullet.

* Also in Sun Harvest, I put three of Mom's business cards up on the bulletin board that they have for that and took one for CitizenRe and one for Point of View Photography in return. P.S. If Scott D Smith ever reads this: Scott, can I redo your website for you? You photography is great, particularly this one, but your website is uggggly! I say that in the most "constructively criticising" sort of way I can, my friend. Back to mom's website, she's had her first order, but it is from an acquaintance, so I'm not sure it really counts. Money's money, I guess.

Yummy Sorbet
* I haven't typed this much in a long time and my hands are hurting. I'm gonna eat some Whole Fruit Sorbet, Strawberry of course, and that will surely make them feel better!

* Re: "You photography is great" above: My typing is suck.

* More Shortly (clicks publish)


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