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I've just written a complaint to Mr Gatti's. We spent almost $30 there, and I'm just not happy at how the whole experience turned out.

We visited location #701 last night and I was very disappointed. One of the drink stations was broken and the drink line was quite long. Only half of the available space on the pizza buffet was filled, despite the line there being very long too. Almost half of the games in the arcade area are broken, and the area was not adequately staffed. There was an attendant at the bumper cars, but not at the carousel, for instance. It seems to me that Saturday night would be one of your busiest and that there should be enough staff to handle everything. Also, only TWO of the 7 or 8 ticket eater machines was working. That's just unacceptable. We haven't been to Gatti's in a long time, and if this is representative of the typical location, it certainly doesn't encourage us to come back.

I'll report back as to whether they reply.


I bet you'll get a response.

Anonymous said... 11:01 PM  

I work at Gatti's Location #701... I do agree with everything you stated. We ARE understaffed, and are trying our best to hire new employees. Our technition quit a couple of months ago, so we are sharing a technition with another Gatti's location. Game room attendants are not trained to fix any electrical problems with the games; only a technition with experience would be able to fix such problems. Same goes with the ticket eater machines, only the technition knows how to fix them. I am really sorry your stay at Mr. Gatti's was not the best. I promise we are doing out best to take care of our current situation. I hope you come visit us again in the future, and next time, we should be adequetely staffed. :)

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