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From that same article I just mentioned: "51% of adult men smoke in Japan, which is down from the number of male smokers in the 1980s. Japan has some of the weakest anti-tobacco laws. There are very few public areas that are smoke-free."

Fucking disgusting. I can't imagine if half the men I knew smoked. I would definitely have trouble making friends.

(Huh...this is post 1,111. Kinda cool.)


FO said... 7:09 PM  

It is disgusting. Thank god you can't smoke in public places in most of my city.

True, true. I wish I knew firsthand what it is like. Why do people do it? How can they stand hot smoke in their lungs? The only thing I can compare it to is smelling the smoke of burning leaves. I kinda like that but only a whiff and I don't breathe deeply. Hehe.

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