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It's a long story. :)

I love my wife! She got my family together and they all pitched in on a NEW iPod for my birthday. And not just any NEW iPod: a NEW iPod CLASSIC 80 GB. I know, that's like a contradiction, but it really is a new iPod classic. See, here is what it looks like.

It really does look like that. It holds pictures and will show them on the right half of the screen but it also will show you the covers of albums you have on there and other neat things too.

I LOVE IT!!! So much space!

It's small and light and the screen is super bright and it plays videos and oooh!!!! It's great! They gave me an iTunes gift card and the FM Radio tuner to go with it.

I have used it a ton. The battery is very good. I listened and watched a lot this week and I only had to charge it yesterday for the first time. It's great. Thanks ya'll!

I plan to give my old one to Brendan loaded with some of his favorite songs and a few oddball things just to see what he says about that. :)


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