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It's a long story. :)

Seven Days, Seven Pictures. Day 1.


So, here's my first picture. There's a weird story behind this. I did a consulting job for a lady yesterday which was supposed to just consist of setting up her computer at her new house. She's just moved from her apartment into a newly built house. In fact, she's only the second person to move into this new development**. She's single again and very independent, with an adult daughter who has her own family. Anyway, I arrived as agreed at 10am. It turns out that the computer desk had not been delivered yet, so she said why didn't I just set the computer up on the floor and then we could move it when the desk got there. I didn't like that option very much so I said why couldn't I just go get the desk for her. I have a van, and I can take out both back seats for lots of cargo room. She was happy about that and I went off to get it. When I got to the store, her friend was there to pay for it, and we found that it was not assembled as they had thought, but it was flat-packed (you know like any furniture purchased at Wal-Mart - flat in a box, u-assemble). After a little fussing, the friend went ahead and paid and I loaded it up along with a shelf she bought. The friend left and I chatted with the two store guys for a minute. I ended up giving each of them a business card and answering some questions. Then I went to a second store called Tuesday Morning to pick up a little corner table for her. I like that store; we have to go there. So, I got back to her house and opened up the desk. It was sooo easy to put together, and it was very nice. Solid wood, not that particle board crap from Wally World that I have a lot of. Hehe. Anyway, it was solid and heavy and great. Better be for $350! So, I setup the computer on it and hid the cables as best I could. I didn't put the shelf together, but I did unbox the pieces for her and reassure her that she could do it (I bet she doesn't, though). So, finally after 4 hours, I was done and ready to go. She asked if I would mind taking the boxes and some other trash to the dumpster. I literally stuffed the van with cardboard boxes and good stuff, while piling 6 giant black trash bags on the roof. I'm a packrat, so my mouth was almost watering at the prospect of taking home all those great moving boxes, which I did do. I threw the bags away and dug out some fine pieces of stair railing for dad.

This was one of those giant red dumpsters and it had stairs on it, so I assumed I was meant to climb the stairs. Hey, they were put there for a reason! I assume the reason is that in case anyone "accidentally" threw away anything good, someone else could retrieve it. :) Anyway, I got the goodies, and brought the moving boxes home, and the box from her new HDTV, and this coffin picture is the box that the shelf parts I was talking about came in. Jen and I were talking about whether to keep it and we decided that it looked like a good burial unit.

It was a pretty good day; got neat junk and made a good chunk of change for my 4 hours work!

*Dang, they better not cremate me when I kick off, or I may burn down the place!
**I saw this cool mobile surveillence station on the way into the place.


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You could mail yourself somewhere for a cheap trip.

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