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It's a long story. :)

I've really been enjoying the videos from KipKay on Metacafe today. Lots of good things. Smart dude.


FO said... 7:06 PM  

I like the site, but I'm not sure how much of it is reliable. KipKay is wrong about the acetone in the gastank for increasing mileage. There was a thing on CarTalk (NPR) about this. Acetone eats rubber hoses and does not improve gas mileage in rigorous studies. Thought I'd warn you just in case.

I am glad you did. I am not brave enough to possibly mess up my one reliable mode of transport other than my feet, but I was planning to take apart one of those small batteries to see what happens. I mean the guy could be a total fake...I think that knowing he was a fake would only make me enjoy the videos more though. For the most part, they are very well-made.

You may want to read more about acetone. Technically there are no 'rubber' hoses. Fuel systemas have n-buna and neoprene. You can read about 50 years of research that was done and tested with acetone here:
Thanks for watching my vids!

Hhhmmm, thanks Kip. I have reading to do now. Come one FO, let's see what the scoop is...

Anonymous said... 1:59 PM  

Hi Darrell.

If you like the hack videos (like we all do), you might like this new parody of all of 'em. I ROFL.


Anonymous said... 2:00 PM  


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