I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

We had a baby! It's a boy!

Andrew John H was born yesterday (Aug 19th, 2006) at 4:30pm CST.

Yahooo! Snore!!!

I'm tired! :)


Wow he looks so alert to be a day old. Hes beautiful :)

Anonymous said... 4:56 PM  

That is awesome. In honor of the event I will use correct punctuation and capitalization. Spelling is still up in the air. Congrats and good luck.


Congratulations DH on being a dad again! I just gave my congrats over at Jen's site. I've been checking in all day looking for news. He's gorgeous!

Congratulations! He's pretty red. Were you holding him upside down for a while before the picture? Heh, heh. Just kidding. Red is healthy and blue isn't --- that's what we always say.

Seriously, he's a very cute kid. And he looks energetic. You should have him playing Mario Kart in no time. That will give Andrew and Brenden something to do while you pull your hair out.

Congrats, Jen! Nice work!

I don't know who Brenden is, but Brendan might play Mario Kart with Andrew.

Congratulations!!!!!! He is adorable! We can't wait to see some videos of he and Brendan playing together!

Daisy & Al

My friends, thank you all so much. We're exhausted, but joyous. I may write some tomorrow. I took copious notes for the blogs. :)

I can't wait to tell you all why I ordered 8 chocolate milkshakes while in the hospital...

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