I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

Jen just said "this gives new meaning to what preemie patents go thru
if we're having a hard time with our term baby". I have to agree. This
is tough going back and forth & up and down. I've started to recognize
some other dads in the hallway and say hi. I just waggle my fingers at
the nurse as I walk toward the NICU doors now and she opens them. Hehe.

Oh man, I somehow list my debit card tonite and security brought it to
me. Thank god for them.

One funny thing was today I got in the elevator with a spanish
speaking man and woman and he punched three then asked me "Tres?" and
I said " dos por favor". I guess my accent was good bc he smiled and
said "you speak Spanish good!" I smiled and said "just a little" and
he said "poquito". I was pleased to get the compliment. We are going
to sleep now.

Oh I can't remember if I said that we don't have to have gloves and
gowns in Ks room anymore. Yay!!!

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