I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

Speaking of the baby...I haven't written anything about her yet. I've recently semi-abandoned Facebook and Twitter to back here and need to put something down. I started blogging as a sort of diary for myself and I have dropped off that in the past year or so. I want to resume it now. I have exported all my facebook statuses and am thinking about posting some of them on here in the right order if I get around to it.

Anyway, I'm so excited about our little girl's arrival. It was scheduled for 12:30 on Monday May 24th and then the c-section got moved back to Friday May 21st. I was all planning on having the weekend to psych up to it too. Oh well. So, I'm stressing out so badly about my work, and trying to get things done... I'm gradually working toward the "I don't give a damn if it gets done" state though. When I get stressed for too long, I get apathetic and I'm almost there. I feel like there's no way to success, so why even try. One good thing is that my bosses are going to get some sort of consultant to help finish the project this upcoming week. I don't know if it will help - I'm off Tuesday afternoon for our last OB appt. Hopefully something will work out. The stupid Network Load Balancing just isn't working or more likely neither me nor Julian knows how to correctly configure it. Hehe.

I just hope that things work out. I want to get us moved to the new version of Exchange, but I'm pretty overwhelmed at this point. Hopefully the arrival of little chicky will put all that behind me.

I'm planning to read some manga, watch some Castle, Dr Who, Charmed, play some games and clean the garage while I'm off.

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