I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

Jen is so sweet; she let me sleep thru the nite despite thefavt that
she could have woken me to help her. Silly gir spilled a whole cup of
water on the floor and cleaned it up herself. She also passed the 3cc
mark pumping, which is great. 3 & 2/10 total.

I sort of figured out sleeping on this goofo bed. I stuffed a pillow
down in the hole where the head pad should be (I didn't put it down
since it made the bed a bad angle) and then put my real pillow on top
of that.

Dr Satterfield from Jens OB practice just showed up and said "Hows
tour pain?" to which i could have though of all minds of amusing
responses. Hehe. She said I should call the office and talk to Dr
Gallaghers nurse about my FMLA certification. Jen has some pain and
finally some bleeding.

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This is the story
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We're a happy family!
Yes, we're a happy family!


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