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It's a long story. :)

Well, after such a great evening last night, Kayley has regressed
overnight. She is getting another dose of surfactant right now and
will go back on the cpap machine after that. I'm really torn up
because I passed my threshold of thinking she was really doing well.
That was stupid and I usually don't let myself go that way. But she
looked so good last night and was so interactive....

Damn damn damn, why does everything have to happen at once?!?! Dr
Gallagher just came in while jen was in the shower and I cried out the
whole story to her. I'm so embarrassed. :S

Therese NICU nurse just called and said that the surf is done and
she's back on the nasal cpap. And that we could come down to see
Kayley at any time.

God, I'm ready for some breakfast

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