I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

Kayley's nurse right now is Molly. She reminds me of Jen from college.
She has this cute snaggletooth thing going on and she wears a
ponytail. She's from Lubbock and she's very patient and informative. I
like these nurses that volunteer info and tell you lots of things.
She's been chatting with jen for like 15 minutes already and I think
that's therapeutic for jen. The other good thing is that she's funny
and it is really good for jen.

We also have Michelle who is friendly and talkative. She had one son
csection she said. They're all nice.

Funny how I keep forgetting I can sideways thumb type...hehe.

Another nurse was Jenny. I think she was nice, she was the first one
we had with her in NICU.

When she was first born, we had Mona and Mildred as our transition
nurses. They were great and I think that Mona was a supervisor of some

Okay jen is ready to go and Molly is laughing at me for being on my
phone, so, tata...

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