I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

If this were a concert, I'd certainly be getting my money's worth. But it ain't. It's a fucking annoyance! I am going to go insane here. That's how annoyed I am. I've probably only used F*ck about 6 times in my whole blog, that's how annoyed I am. Argh!!!!

It's been almost six hours SIX HOURS SiX HoUrS! since this noise started. It had better end in about 10 minutes or god damnit I'm calling the cops.

Yeah, right, what a schmuck I am. There's no way I'm calling the cops. Back when we lived on Bandera road, I called the cops for loud music on my piece of shit next door neighbor Raymond and after that the situation was much worse. Argh! Maybe I'll go to work, or just go in the front room again. I went out and mowed and string trimmed the front yard so I wouldn't be able to hear it and that was good for about and hour and a half, but now that's done.

Oh, I can't even write well, I'm so annoyed. I'm stopping.


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