I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

I sure want one of these. I wonder if I could mount it on top of my house?

It produces about 100 Kilowatts per month. That would be cool.


FO said... 10:09 PM  

Our electricity went out tonight again for the second time in three or four days. The last time occurred just as K was honestly on the last step of a multi-hour process of getting a cake together just up to the point where it goes into an oven. Wah-wah! (Game show failure noise.) I was telling her onight that I wished we weren't dependent on the fossil-fuel grid and that I wanted a windmill like the one on your blog.

Being on the grid sux sometimes. Maybe they'll have a two for the price of one sale, eh? Hehe.

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