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It's a long story. :)

Gee, I'm glad Friday the 13th is over. It was the most annoying and weird day at work. I had 3 of my Blackberry users call with off-the-wall problems, I had an unexplainable problem with slowness on our web-based email (but not on the desktop version) and I fought all afternoon just to get URL to be clickable in a "mail merge" email we were trying to send out. What an annoying day. Hopefully Monday will be better.

We have been having a good weekend though. We went to our friends Jorge and Cristina's little boy's 1st birthday party. It was windy as all get out, but we still had a good time at the little park where they had it. The we went to Altex to get a fan for Jen's web server. It's still acting up. Then we dropped by Half Price books and got some goodies: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD for $9.98, a Halo Novel for me (from the XBox game I love), and a neat book called The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts. That title in itself sounds like one J.K. would come up with. I can just hear Hermione saying "Oh, Ron, didn't you read chapter three in "The Magical Worlds..."! Haha.

We've been re-watching the HP movies and re-listening to the Audio books (well, #6 at least) in the run-up to the Order of the Phoenix movie and The Deathly Hallows book coming out this summer. We had to get back into the spirit.

Amazon is having this neat contest type thing where they show what cities have preordered the largest number of Potter 7 books. It's interesting to see.

We also hit the ole Walmart. That was an unremarkable trip except for one thing. Bren was sitting in the basket, and 3 girls and 3 guys walked by. The girls were in fancy dresses, one pink and very froofy, one black and slinky, and one green. Fortunately they were about 15 feet away, because Brendan SHOUTS "Wow! Look at the Beautifuls!!!" I don't think they heard. It was so cute! I told him they looked like princesses, didn't they?

So, no plans for today really. We need to plant Jen's tomato seedlings, I need to mow the yard, and maybe I'll get to play a little Diablo II. We'll see how it goes. For now, I need to pick up whining Andy...

Oh, one more thing: we're planning to make a list of places that we want to eat at. We always pass by interesting restaurants, and then forget about them. So here's entry one in the list. "Bento Box" on Blanco. It's Japanese take-out. Woo Hoo! But it was closed when we drove past. We will visit that one again.


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