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It's a long story. :)

I just finished watching V for Vendetta on DVD. Wow! This was maybe the best movie I've seen since Matrix 1. I really liked it. It was so great. I want to say all the whys, but I have to go to bed. Have to update this later...

I watched Ultraviolet last night. Good action, weak story. I cannot abide by a weak story. Pah!


FO said... 10:54 AM  

I wanted to see that too. There's amovie poster for it in this vegan restaurant we go to. The place has a revolution sort of atmosphere, that I think the poster must fit into. Maybe I'll rent it.

fo said... 5:30 PM  

I watched it yesterday and also liked it alot.

Anonymous said... 5:05 PM  

Time for more posts.

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