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Well I'm back after a long hiatus from blogging. I just don't seem to have or make time to write any more. I don't know why. It isn't that I don't want to (I really do), but I'm always busy. I'm either working, consulting, or having family time. Last night was the first time in quite a while that I did something all on my own. I watched some TV with Andy. We watched a weird, weird, weird movie: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was as weird or more weird than the book. I kind of liked it, but I'm still thinking about it. Hehe. Afterwards I felt bad that I wasted two hours that I could have been spending with Jen; but she was doing something for Brendan's 4th birthday party which is coming up.

Speaking of which, my little boy is 4 already. I can't believe it. He's getting so big. We just signed him up for PreschoolTime yesterday. It has a free 7 day trial, and we've been wanting him to try it for a while. I had a chance for a free 3 month subscription in My Coke Rewards, but I didn't redeem it and it seems to have been taken off the list. Doh! Oh well, it isn't that expensive. He's been playing it constantly and it is goodly educational. His birthday party is going to be "offsite" this year. We just get too stressed setting up the house and cleaning up after the party, so this year it is at Peter Piper Pizza. It's an OK place. I think the pizza at Chuck E Cheese's is better, but the price at PPP is cheaper. Bren doesn't know any difference, though. We've sent out the invites, and gotten a couple RSVPs. We've always sent invites to the 4 kids of a guy that I work with (3 of them are triplets) and they've never come. We always enjoy their party, though. So last year at their party we asked the mom why they never came. She said they never got any invitations!!! The rascal that I work with never took them home! So this year, I fixed him: I emailed it to his wife and they were the first ones to RSVP. Haha!

Yesterday we worked our butts off cleaning out our front planting bed so that we can plant caladium bulbs that mom bought us from Caladium World. I potted the hibiscuses and bougainvilleas that I had in there and hopefully they won't die. They weren't really doing well in the bed anyway, so they shouldn't be too much worse off. So, now the bed it totally full of those bulbs. I got a little of a sunburn, but it is ok.

I've been thinking about Twitter lately. Leo uses it and I kind of think it is interesting.

I am sad because once again this year I didn't go to South by Southwest. Meh.... Kevin Rose went and loved it, which makes me even sadder that I didn't go. He said that next year they're going to do a live Diggnation from there. I will go to that if I have to walk!!!!!!! I only heard of SxSW last year, and it sounded really cool. I've been looking at pics on flickr with the sxsw2007 tag today. There are tons! I saw this girl from The Pipettes. She looks to me like a more wholesome Gwen Stefani. Hehe. They're actually a pretty good band. I liked their music.

Speaking of YouTube, I'm kind of sad that I didn't make it in time to vote for the YTAwards. But I like lots of the ones that were nominated - particularly OK GO's treadmills. They're great.

I'm hungry now, so I'm going to stop. I just have to say one more thing: I'm sooooo craving a good medieval fantasy game! When's Diablo III coming out????? Maybe I'll just play Diablo II again...


Anonymous said... 6:14 PM  

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy made a much better book in my opinion. I did like the whale though in the movie.

That treadmill thing has to be one of my favorite videos of all time.

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