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I hate Hot Dogs. Really. Call me un-American, but they just don't appeal to me. Bun, Mustard, Chili, Relish - love em. In fact I often eat just that sans the dog. That notwithstanding, I have some ideas about hot dogs that are deeply ingrained: 1) eat em at the ball park. 2) they're cooked on a grill/over a fire, not boiled. 3) They have to have pork in them.

That last one may be controversial, but I'm a sausage fan, and I figure that all a hot dog is is a wannabe piece of sausage. So, if it is trying to be a sausage, it ought to have pork in it, maybe even more pork than anything else. I'm not opposed to pork and beef dogs, nor to turkey ones, but I just think that a hot dog is a pork product.

I ran across this a while back and saved it until I could write down my little thesis of the dog. I found this interesting and I had no idea what about a kow was kosher until now. :)



FO said... 5:09 PM  

I don't care for superstition of any kind whether it's dunking people in water to help them get into heaven or drinking Kool-aid to do the same. I can't help but wonder at the idea of throwing away half a cow. Who gets it? Yahweh? Gentiles? Yeah, I guess the Gentiles do. Oh well, pass the cow butt, please. Better yet, make mine pork too. (But I have to admit Hebrew National makes a pretty good hot dog.)

FO said... 5:20 PM  

On another note, you and my wife are both wrong about hot dogs. They're delicious. High in sodium and carcinogenic nitrates sometimes, but delicious all the same. You can microwave them, boil them, or best of all grill them. They are so damn good. I even sliced and fried some once and ate them with scrambled eggs. Hot dogs are not wannabe sausages, they are full-blown ,members contributing to the good name of sausage, the king of meats. I have long wanted a hot dog cooker that is like a modified toaster. Hot dogs and buns go into it vertically and pop out when done. Mark my words, when I get my own office someday, it will have a hot dog cooker that will provide cheap and delicious respite every mid-day. If you're German or you're American you should have a hot dog, and if you're a German-American you should have two hot dogs. Hotdogs are the very foundation of American imperialism, the very essence of what makes America different from the rest of the world. Fast food was born from hot dog stands. Okay, so those last two arguments don't promote the beauty of hot dogs, but, god, I'd like a hot dog right now.

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