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This morning Jen and I went to a $100 per person brunch. We were given tickets by the big, big boss at my place of employment. It was a charity even that raised about $85K, according to the emcee.

Lo Bello de San Antonio Women’s Club
April 20, 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m. El Tropicano Hotel, 110 Lexington Ave.
Do you like bling? Do you like bubbles? Then you’ll love Lo Bello de San Antonio Women’s Club’s annual Champagne and Diamonds Brunch. You will have a fabulous time with old and new friends and sip champagne with Fiesta royalty! This unique event combines an incredible breakfast buffet, champagne and a chance to win a one-carat diamond. No other Fiesta event features a GRITO contest between the Fiesta Commission President, King Antonio and Rey Feo, Mexican folkloric performers, and great music and dancing. You definitely do not want to miss this Fiesta event!

Tickets: $100 for the brunch and chance to win the diamond; $50 brunch only.

Wow! Talk about expensive. We dressed up nicely and had a good time. Jen enjoyed champagne and I settled for orange juice. The brunch was OK, but certainly not worth $100. (Golden Corral has a better breakfast buffet.) Everyone picked a glass with a clear gemstone in the bottom and then was given that gem in a bag along with the number from the glass. At the end, the winning number (#111, by the way) was called. Neither of us had the number, but we still had a good time.

We brought home the bagged gem each of us got, and some champagne glasses, and I snagged the sign from my employer's table as a souvenir. I appreciated being able to go and had a good time there.


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