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I was just checking out the new Transformers movie website, and that led me to IMDB where I found lots of info about old cartoons I used to watch.

From the movie website, I saw the name Peter Cullen. His voice is very distinctive, I think. Here's a little clip of Optimus Prime, to refresh your memory. From tftm.net. I never knew who the voice of Optimus Prime was before, and I really never cared frankly, but now I'm interested. I'm into those old cartoons. I want to watch them again, but I know that they won't be as "cool" as I remember them to be, so I'm a little hesitant. We'll see what I decide.

Back in the 80s, the voice actors did lots of different shows, so it was pretty easy to recognize them when they voiced a new character. I noticed in Cullen's filmography that he was also in Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, which I had totally forgotten about. I watched that and enjoyed it a lot, even though it didn't last long. 14 episodes I think. Anyway, the point is the Cullen was in that too. Additionally, another very memorable voice was there: Chris Latta, also the voice of StarScream in Transformers. If you've ever heard his voice, you probably would recognize it immediately. Here's a little clip of StarScream, to refresh your memory. Also from tftm.net. Great memories.

I sure enjoyed all those cartoons. I watched GI Joe too. And Ghostbusters. And Voltron. And Starblazers. And Dungeons & Dragons. And Plastic Man - that was so cheesy. :)

Also Interesting: TFArchive


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