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This is rather amusing...be sure to read the author's comment at the bottom.

This made me want to go see some of those ads at Apple. Great advertising, I must say! The "Security" onr is so right on. And I love the "Power cord" one. If I had the cash, I'd buy a MacBook Pro and dual boot it with Vista. That'd be awesome.

Hey, the UK ads are pretty good, but they seem like silly copies of the US ones. Maybe I'd appreciate them more if I knew those actors from the TV show they're in...

But the best, the best, the best ones are the Japanese versions. If you've watched the US ones, you'll kind of know what's going on. Damn, I wish I spoke Japanese!!! Tank, I need a translation program for Japanese!


I also hate Macs. My PC has given me 3 problems in three years, all easily solved by me, a computer-dummy. My wife has a new mac laptop. I have wondered for years why those dummies at Apple insist on the one-button mouse. Who would think that not having a mechanical disk-eject button was a good idea? With my limited experience (and I know it is limited), I think that the lesser traveled road is always the one to be pretentious about. (Nobody's going to raise their nose because THEY saw Dukes of Hazzard:The Movie.)

By the way, I had Myst years ago and thought it was the very dullest, over-hyped game ever.

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