I'm just a guy at a house

It's a long story. :)

So, I'm just about tired of Facebook and think I might be coming back to blogger.

Here's a story from today:

I took a nap and had a dream about (maybe) the end of the world. All of us and my parents were either driving to Corpus or Florida - some coastal place, anyway. The bad thing is that I think that the big bad thing was going to be a tidal wave, so that was kind of dumb, but oh well.

Somehow, Christopher has persuaded me into getting an 18 wheeler to haul all his arcade machines, but we had to leave before we were able to load them, so I was driving an empty 18 wheeler across country. Doh!

We stopped at this one rest stop with a super fancy bathroom and multiple open stalls in like a weird star configuration. Bad design. :)

It was weird. Haha! It's out 10th anniversary, and I took a nap. We did go to Cheddar's for lunch tho. Jen had a chicken sandwich and I had ck fried steak. That's a turnaround. And I drank 5 glasses of raspberry lemonade. I love that stuff.

Happy Anniversary, dear. I hope you liked the roses.


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