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It's a long story. :)

The other night we watched a great anime movie called The Cat Returns, the sort-of sequel to Whisper of the Heart. There is a trailer for it on one of Brendan's many DVDs (Thomas the Tank Engine, Kipper, Clifford, or whatever) and he's been asking and asking for it. He'll drag me or Jen over to the TV and point to the menu choice for it and say questioningly "Thee Cat Returns?" He's so cute because he really enunciates the the long. Finally, we requested it through the library and got it.

We sat down to watch it and all enjoyed it. The reason I'm writing about it, other than to tell you that it's good, is that during it Brendan did one of those cute things that I wanted to remember later on. Sometimes he'll string together more words that I really expect from him or he'll say something really clearly so that even his Mimi would understand him (and she never understands him!)

This time his did both - clarity and length - and it was just great.

When this scene came up

he said loud and clear "Wow! Look at all those cats!"

It was great. Soooo cute.

Good movie too; check it out.


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